Azim Ahmed

Azim Ahmed is a Renewable Energy Professional with over 18 years of experience in Renewable Energy sector and especially in PV Technologies both is Pakistan and in the Middle East.

He obtained his qualification of MSc. Applied Physics from Pakistan and soon after started with his own renewable energy business with focus on power backup solutions for Industry and Military applications.

His foreign experience include working as a Director for National Solar Systems based in Saudi Arabia for eight years managing all aspects of the business with emphasis on Engineering, Design and System Integration. He also have hands on experience as an EPC on MW projects and build and headed the in-house Engineering team at the Company.

His expertise include complete design, engineering and optimization of PV project from small off-grid to grid-connected MW. Through the years he has developed good professional relationships with all key international players in the PV market and also have expertise in plant monitoring and control strategies to help in reducing cost and optimizing output.

In collaboration with the international PV players he have also conducted joint studies on PV panel cleaning technologies, storage technologies and climatic effect on various PV components for outdoor applications in desert environment.

He has also been actively involved in the design and engineering with Saudi Aramco on the 10MW Power Plant at Midra Tower at their headquarters in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Also have worked on both on-shore and off-shore off-grid specialized PV system for SCADA, RTU, MPFM and CP Systems. He has complete insight in Saudi Aramco systems, standards and specifications and have worked very closely with their PDD, PMT and NBD Department related to RE Technologies.

He has also been actively involved with the Saudi Arabia RE Authority KA.CARE on various projects including the "Renewable Resource Atlas of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" He has also worked with various government departments such as Saudi Electricity Company, Ministry of Water & Power and on pilot projects for PV power generation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also have hands on experience with design, engineering and implementation of remote grids (isolated grid) PV projects and at National Solar System have successfully implemented the first isolated grid 500KWp pilot project with collaboration of Saudi Aramco, Ministry of Water & Power, Saudi Electricity and Japan Government at Farasan Island.